Servo Motor with Driver Kit 220V 100W to 750W for CNC

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Inovance SV630 Series Servo Motor with Single-Phase 220V Driver Kit 100W to 750W, for CNC and Automation Motion Control System.

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Item Name: Series Servo Motor with Driver Kit 100W to 750W
Features: Servo Motor from 100W to 1000W; Two types of Driver: SV630P (Pulse Type) and SV630N (Network Type). Refer attached official Motor and Driver Specification for more details
PCs in Item: 1 Set: Servo Motor x 1, Servo Motor Driver x 1, Encoder Wire x 1
Manufacturer: Inovance Technology, China
Reference: SV630N Series Servo Drive User Guide
SV630P Series Servo Drive User Guide

servo motor for CNC

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 cm
Kit Model

SV630PS1R6i Pulse Drive + MS1H1-10B30CB-T331Z 100W Motor, SV630NS1R6i Network Drive + MS1H1-10B30CB-T331Z 100W Motor, SV630PS1R6i Pulse Drive + MS1H1-20B30CB-T331Z 200W Motor, SV630NS1R6i Network Drive + MS1H1-20B30CB-T331Z 200W Motor, SV630PS2R8i Pulse Drive + MS1H4-40B30CB-T331Z 400W Motor, SV630NS2R8i Network Drive + MS1H4-40B30CB-T331Z 400W Motor, SV630PS5R5i Pulse Drive + MS1H4-75B30CB-T331Z 750W Motor, SV630NS5R5i Network Drive + MS1H4-75B30CB-T331Z 750W Motor




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