60° 3 Flute Mill Bits

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Item Name: 60° 3 Flute Mill Bits
Material: Tungsten steel
Head Style: Flat
Measurement System: Imperial
PCs in Item: 1 PC
Manufacturer: N/A, Made in China
Best for: Aluminum, Copper, Wood etc..
Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

D1*D4*50L*3F, D1.5*D4*50L*3F, D2*D4*50L*3F, D2.5*D4*50L*3F, D3*D4*50L*3F, D3.5*D4*50L*3F, D3*D3*50L*3F, D3*D3*75L*3F, D3*D3*100L*3F, D4*D4*50L*3F, D4*D4*75L*3F, D4*D4*100L*3F, D5*D5*50L*3F, D5*D5*75L*3F, D5*D5*100L*3F, D5*D6*50L*3F, D6*D6*50L*3F, D6*D6*75L*3F, D6*D6*100L*3F, D8*D8*60L*3F, D8*D8*75L*3F, D8*D8*100L*3F, D8*D8*150L*3F


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