Arduino UNO R3 Kit for CNC 3D Printer

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Arduino UNO R3 Kit for CNC, 3D Printer that based on NEMA17 Stepper motors, all optional parts. Ship to Canada, USA.
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CAD$ 8.09
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CAD$ 9.09

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Item Name: Arduino UNO R3 Kit for CNC 3D Printer
Description: The Arduino platform, particularly the Uno, is a popular choice for hobbyists and makers who want to build custom CNC machines and 3D printer, such as milling machines, routers, or even laser cutters. Here are the general steps and parts you would need to do this:

  • Arduino Uno: This will serve as the brain of CNC controller.
  • CNC Shield: Typically, an Arduino Uno is paired with a CNC Shield, which plugs directly onto the Arduino. This shield helps to connect the Arduino to stepper motors and contains drivers like the A4988 or DRV8825, which control the motor’s movements.
  • Stepper Motors: These are essential for CNC machines.
  • Power Supply: Stepper motors require a lot more power than what the Arduino Uno can provide, so you’ll need a separate power supply, typically around 12V to 24V, depending on your motor requirements.
  • Limit Switches: These are used to establish the position of each axis at startup and prevent the machine from moving beyond its physical limits.

The kit lists suggested parts for a CNC project that uses NEMA17 stepper motors; however, neither the part models nor the quantities are mandatory, as all choices depend on the project’s plan and design.

PCs in Item: All Optional
Manufacturer: N/A, Made in China
Reference: Configure GRBL with Arduino UNO for CNC Step by Step (Customer access only)



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