20W Laser Engraver Desktop CNC

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Material Aluminum Alloy + Acrylic
Main Color Black+Red
Power Supply AC 100-240V Output 12V 5A
Laser specifications BG8/ BG15/ BG20(Optional)
Laser Wavelength 445nm;450nm;455nm
Supported OS Win 7 and above / Android/IOS
Controller Board VigoTec ,Support OTA upgrade and Android/IOS engraving app
Communication Port Mini USB /Wi-Fi /HotSpot /Upload to SD card and engraving offline
Stepper Motor 42 Stepper motor, Step Angle 1.8°
Supported Software Engraving machine software uses Vigo Works
Supported Formats jpg / jpeg / png / bmp / DXF / G-code
Print Size Recommend Print Size 330x190mm
Engrave Mode For Image and Text input, there are Line Scanning, Point Scanning, Grayscale, Black- White, and Contour carving. For dxf file(At present, it can only support some simple and only recognize cad line segments, polylines, circles, arc element autocad), vector carving.
Laser Quick Replace Support
Continuous Work Time Sustainable Working (With Heat Dissipation Fan) , Use the equipped BG series module and Engraving software can display real-time temperature of laser module core.
Working Voltage DC 12V
Working Current ≦DC 5A Normal operation depends on the laser power installed.
Engraving Accuracy 0.05mm
Engraving Area 330 * 190mm / 13.0 * 7.5in  
Laser Focus Distance about 3-10cm
Can Not Carve Objects All metals, glass, stone, ceramics, jewelry, silver, reflective material, translucent & transparent material.
Can Carve Objects All wood, bamboo, paper, plastics, leather, rubber, horn, sponge sheet, Acrylic,etc.
Can Cut Objects Paper-thin, light wood, sponge paper, felt, fabric, sticker.
Item Size 445*401*128mm / 17.52 * 15.79 * 5.04in
Package Size 480*200*100mm / 18.90 * 7.78 * 3.94in
Package Weight 2202g / 4.85lb


1.The laser engraving machine is a portable engraving machine with simple installation, safety and easy operation.

2.The laser module supports long-term continuous operation,easy replace component,and can be directly loaded without tools.

3.The engraving accuracy is up to 0.05 mm, the engraving area is 330*190mm, which can record photos or text very clearly and with fast speed and low noise.

4.Plug and play,Easy to use. Connect the USB cable to the board,install the software and start engraving. Minimal assembly required. Just a few screws away from connecting to your laptop.

5.Independently developed control software and control board,seamless matching performance is better,more stable,and operation is smoother. Adajustable parameter control and correction parameters,higher precision, and  better grayscale engraving effect.

6.Support CAD format file import and engraving or cutting,support free input of text,automatically call the font inside the computer, and adjust the font format and size arbitrarily.

7.Software real time control engraving depth,laser output power,engraving pixel precision,the engraving time,the moving speed,the size of the engraved picture text,and other parameters.


– Strictly prohibit laser irradiation of the eyes! 

– Strictly prohibit watching laser without wearing protective glasses! 

– Strictly prohibit using by children!

– Strictly prohibit using this machine unattended!

Package List:

1 x Frame Part A(Lower part)

1 x Frame Part B(Upper part)

1 x Laser Head

2 x Stepper Motor Wire

1 x Laser Wire

1 x Side to Main Control Board Wire

1 x USB Cable

1 x Power Supply

1 x Protective Glass

1 x Hardware Installation Manual1 x Micro SD card

4 x M5 Nut(For frame fixed)

2 x M3x12 Screw(For frame fixed)

2 x M3 Nut(For laser fixed)

2 x Wood Block

2 x Paper

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